Avatar: The Way of Water Is Nearing the $1.5 Billion Mark!

Well, folks, it looks like (almost) time for some congratulations.

Avatar by James Cameron: With ticket sales of $1.38 billion, The Way of Water is said to be close to breaking even.

Variety reports that Cameron stated that the movie needs to make $2 billion to reach his goal; however, let's rewind a little bit first.

On December 16, the director made his long-awaited return to Pandora. The movie quickly became a big hit at the box office.

Despite frigid temperatures and holiday gatherings that threatened to keep viewers at home, the film saw a massive audience turnout in just three weeks. It appears that Avatar fans have a long history!

Ticket sales could reach the coveted $2 billion mark if Jake Sully and the Na'vi fans keep going to theaters to see it again. 

Although it may appear exorbitant, that amount is certainly reasonable.

The first Avatar movie made $3 billion in sales in 2009, making it the highest-grossing movie ever. The Way of Water may follow quickly if Cameron gets his wish.

The First Avatar Movie Made $3 Billion In Sales In 2009, Making It The Highest-Grossing Movie Ever. 

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