Top 10 Tips To Start Home Gardening

Beautiful and attractive plants and flowers are liked by everyone around them, that’s why nowadays all people interested in home gardening want to make a lovely garden in their homes, but in the absence of the right information, they are not able to start gardening, if you do not start your gardening.

If you are thinking of doing home gardening or home gardening, then this article can prove to be helpful for you, where you will know, how to start home gardening, what is the right place for home garden and what are the tips or ideas related to gardening, And read this article carefully to know the secrets and tricks related to home garden.

Best Ways To Start Home Gardening

You can start gardening at home in a pot or grow bag , here you will learn about simple and easy ways to start gardening. Following are some important tips to start home gardening:

Best Place For Home Gardening

To start gardening or gardening, it is important to choose a good place, where the plants in the soil of the pot or grow bag can get a favorable environment. Let us know what is the right place for home garden .

  • Such a place, where the pot or grow bag can be kept and the plants get 5 to 6 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Water should be available in sufficient quantity for the plants.
  • There should be enough space around the plants in the garden, so that the potted plants can be watered easily.
  • The pot plant should be protected from strong winds and strong sunlight during summer, because strong winds and strong sunlight can destroy the plant.

Buy Good Quality Seeds For Home Garden Planting

After selecting the place for home gardening, you have to choose good quality seeds for planting, so that you can get good and healthy plants in future. You can get seeds of vegetables , flowers and other plants by ordering from your nearest seed shop or online from

Plants Grown in Pot during Home Gardening

If you are starting your home gardening or gardening, you can plant in pots or grow bags depending on the size of the plants. Apart from this, we get the following benefits by planting plants in pots:

  • Grow bags or pots are very light in weight, and they are easy to carry from one place to another.
  • You can buy good and strong grow bags at affordable prices.

Gardening Tools That Make Home Gardening Easier

You can use gardening tools at your home while planting plants in the garden, when pruning plants and to perform many useful tasks in the home garden, which will make your work even easier. Let us know about some important gardening tools.

  • Pruner – It is used to remove the twigs, damaged parts of plants.
  • Trowel – It is used to dig the soil while preparing the soil for planting plants, it is also called Khurpi .
  • Water can – To water the plants in pots or grow bags at home, water cans are used .
  • Spray Pump – When plants have to be watered in the form of a spray, you can use a spray pump .
  • Seedling Tray – There are some plants which are planted by germinating seeds or preparing small plants by not directly seeding them, Seedling tray is used to prepare small plants or germinate seeds and its Seeds do not get spoiled by use, after the seeds are germinated, you can plant them in pots or garden soil.

Soil for Plant Growth in Garden

Plants grow rapidly only in fertile and fertile soil, so plant in the best soil or potting mix. If you are using hard or sticky soil to plant in your garden or pot, your plants may stop growing. The soil for planting the plant should be as follows.

  • The most ideal soil for planting is loamy soil which is perfect for growing almost every plant, yet choose the right soil according to the plant.
  • To make the soil fertile, you can add cow dung , vermicompost , rock phosphate and other organic fertilizers to the soil .
  • There should be easy drainage of water and air in the soil of the pot or garden.

Right Way To Plant Plants In Home Garden Pot

Plant Plants In Home Garden

If you want to get green plants then you should know about the right way to plant seeds in pot or grow bag soil or prepared plants in seedling tray, let’s know the right way to plant seeds or plants in soil about the way.

  • There should be additional drainage holes at the bottom of the pot or grow bag.
  • When filling the pot with soil, leave the pot empty 2 to 3 inches from the top so that the soil does not run out when watering the plants.
  • Plant the seed in the soil at a depth of twice its diameter.
  • After planting the seeds in the pot soil , give water with the help of a spray pump.

Give water to plants at the right time in home gardening

Some things should be kept in mind while watering the plants in the garden or pot, which are as follows.

  • Check the soil of the pot planted every one to two days , so that the plants can be watered when there is a shortage of water.
  • When the plants are small, water them regularly, so that the roots of the plants develop well.
  • Water the plants when the soil in the pot or grow bag appears dry, and maintain an appropriate amount of moisture in the soil.
  • The best time to water the plants is in the morning, as the plants absorb water well at this time. So water the plants in the morning.

Mulching To Grow Plants In Home Garden

To maintain the soil moisture and fertile capacity of the potted plant , covering the soil surface with hay, straw, etc. is called mulching. Let us know about mulching.

  • Grass clippings, straw, dry tree leaves and small pebbles can be used for mulching.
  • Mulching retains soil moisture, etc.

Organic Fertilizer To Grow Plants In Garden At Home

You can get green plants by using organic fertilizers in plants. The following are the organic fertilizers given to plants:

  • As organic manure, you can give vermicompost , cow dung , neem cake and mustard cake etc. to the plants.
  • Banana peels , egg shells and onion peels can also be used.
  • Rice water can also be used as an organic fertilizer.

Pruning Of Plants In Home Garden

Pruning is the removal of the damaged parts from the plant such as leaves, stems etc. for the growth and development of plants. Pruning has the following benefits, such as:

  • The damaged parts are separated from the plant, due to which the growth of the plant increases rapidly.
  • Plants in the garden or pot are healthy.
  • Pruning can give beautiful shape to the plants.

Best Organic Pesticides for Plants in Gardening

Many types of pests are applied to the plants in the house or garden which can harm the plants, natural insecticides can be used to get rid of these pests and the plant can be protected from pests such as:

  • By mixing one tablespoon of neem oil in 1 liter of water, this mixture can be sprayed on the plants to remove pests from the plants, you can use this mixture once in 15 – 20 days.
  • Salt solution can also be used as a pesticide.

Weed Control Methods in Home Gardening

Sometimes plants grow unnecessarily around the plant, which inhibit the growth of the main plant. It is only when these unnecessary plants are removed that the main plant can grow rapidly. You can prevent weeds in the following ways:

  • Use organic manure to prevent weed growth.
  • Mulch the soil.
  • Weed the plants from time to time.

Plant companion plants to protect the plant from pests

Many types of plants are planted around the main plant in the home garden, so that the main plant can be protected from harmful insects. Plants planted around the main plant are called companion plants. These can have the following benefits:

  • The main plant can be protected from insects, for example, to protect the cotton plants from insects, okra plants are planted around it, due to which the insects settle on the ladybug plants and the cotton plants are protected from insects .
  • Also, more plants can be grown in less space.


In this article, you understand the gardening tips and home garden information in detail to start growing plants at home. If you want to read more posts related to home gardening, then you can visit site. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, do let us know in the comments. Hope you enjoy this article.

Top 10 Tips To Start Home Gardening

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