Tesla Car features in 2022

Tesla car features are the result of modern science and the vision of Elon Musk. Tesla Car features Electric Cars are so popular all over the world because of their Tesla Car features unique and considered as Electric Car No. Let’s find out why Tesla cars are the best and the future of the transportation sector.

Keyless Start Tesla Car Features

Tesla Car Features In 2022

Keyless Tesla Car Features

Tesla Car Features Electric car does not need to be pressed to open the door and start the car. If you have the key to the Tesla car with the Tesla fob, the car gets unlocked as soon as the car comes within 3 feet of range. Tesla cars look awesome and cool

Easy Riding Tesla Car Features

Just get in the car and put your feet on the brakes, the car starts. No oil filling, no smoke, no engine noise, this is the wonder of battery power. Due to lack of engine, there is no vibration in the car.

New Tesla Car Features In 2022

Gearless Tesla Car Features

The Tesla car doesn’t have gears but its pickup is so great that you won’t even notice the lack of gear. So now the freedom from frequent gear changes and clutch quirks.

Tesla Car Features in Amazing Speed

If it is an electric car, then do not think that there will be any compromise on speed. Tesla cars are as fast as Ferraris. The Tesla Model S car accelerates from 0 to 97 km / h in 1.99 seconds.

Customer Support in Accident in Tesla Car Features

If an accident happens to your Tesla car, Tesla Customer Care will get to know about it and call you for assistance.

Great Driving Experience Tesla

The center of gravity of Tesla cars is lower than other cars, due to which these cars have better grip on the road. Due to this, there is better control over the vehicle and driving is excellent.

Top Models Tesla Car Features

Self Driving Feature in Tesla

Tesla’s Autopilot feature means a self-driving car. This experiment has been very successful and Tesla is continuously improving this feature. We expect Tesla to offer a more top-class self-driving experience in the new model.

Tesla Car Does not Have an Engine in Tesla Car Features

The Tesla electric car does not have an engine but an electric motor. Tesla car motor is about a third (1/3) the size of a normal car engine

Car Control From Mobile

You can also operate many functions of Tesla Car Features from Tesla’s mobile app. For example Temperature Control. Instruct the car to be set to your comfortable temperature from the mobile app itself. By the time you reach the car parking, sit in the car, the temperature inside the car will have become your favorite.

View Car location From Mobile

With the help of the car location feature in the mobile app, you can find the location of your car at any time. This feature is very useful in case of car theft, apart from this, this feature will help you even if you cannot find your car in the parking lot.

Best Tesla Car Features

Best customer support new tesla

If there is a problem with your Tesla car features but you cannot go to the Tesla service center, then take the help of Tesla Ranger service. Tesla employees will come to your house to take your car for service and give you a second Tesla car until your car is fixed.

Fast Charging in Tesla Car Features

Like petrol pumps, Teslacars have their own charging stations. Car charging is done for free at these charging stations. A Tesla car gets 80% charged in 40 minutes and 100% charged in 75 minutes.

Cover long Distance by Tesla

The mileage of Tesla cars is incredible. Tesla car models cover a distance of 500 to 990 kilometers on a full charge once. When the mileage is so strong and the charging is free, then what is the tension! Keep traveling without worry.

Get Free Tire Change in Winter Features Tesla Car

If you live in a cold area where it is snowing, Tesla service personnel will come home to replace your car’s winter tires. The special thing is that this facility is free.

Fast Tesla Car Features

Tension Free Ride in Tesla

Tesla Car Charging has a timer setting, set the time you want to charge from the clock. For entertainment, in addition to the normal radio, free access to premium internet radio channels has been provided in the Tesla car.

Plenty of luggage Space Tesla Car

Tesla cars do not have big engines, but the motor is installed near the front rear tire. Due to which the large trunk means trunk space and there is also a place to store luggage under the bonnet in front of the car.

Tesla Car features in 2022

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