Indus Battle Royale Game Adds Olympic

SuperGaming, based in Pune, has teamed up with Olympic pistol shooter Heena Sidhu to make its upcoming Indo-futuristic battle royale game Indus look like her. The athlete will soon take on the role of Heena in the game. Her backstory is said to be an important part of Indus’ lore and makes her a living legend among the people. In case you haven’t heard, Sidhu became the first Indian pistol shooter to achieve the number-one world ranking in April 2014, which was bestowed upon her by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

Sidhu said in a prepared statement, “I was surprised to see an Indian game studio take so much care and attention to detail, especially in terms of shooting and gunplay and how all of it translates into Indus.” It was something I noticed as an avid gamer and athlete, which made working with SuperGaming easier. The new person Heena has, truth be told, been prodded straightforwardly in the greater part of Indus’ special material, donning a scouter to her left side eye and some wing-like cutting edges jutting from her back.

According to SuperGaming, her lore is comparable to that of Sidhu in real life, who had to overcome stereotypes in order to fully realize her passion for shooting. Although a spokesperson for SuperGaming suggested that she is best compared to Robin Hood for her village—a hero among the needy—her backstory is not entirely clear.

Additionally, Indus revealed Mor-Ni, a new addition to its extensive roster who is regarded as a folk hero among the Yaksha, an intelligent race. As the name recommends, her appearance looks like that of a peacock — suitable headgear matched with a purple-blue combo, regarding dress and cosmetics. When Indus launches, both characters will be available.

In contrast to Overwatch, which is a class-based shooter, Indus is not like that. Even though each Mythwalker has a unique appearance, they do not yet possess any special abilities. A spokesperson for SuperGaming stated, “Players will definitely get to see our own interesting take on augmenting players with some special abilities on the plains of Virlok, sometime after the launch.”

Late last month, the company held its third community playtest, during which new skins, weapons, improved map and mini-map quality-of-life, customizable controls, and the ability to slide around the map were added. Indus puts you in the shoes of a hired gun known as a Mythwalker who works for the COVEN, an intergalactic gang that is looking for a mysterious rare mineral called Cosmium.

Players will be dropped onto the floating island of Virlok in the traditional battle-royale fashion to scavenge for supplies, eliminate anyone who stands in their way, and emerge victorious. Players can also wait for the Cosmium to appear in a random location on the map and grab it to immediately end the match.

On the Google Play Store, pre-registration for Indus is now available. Versions for PC and console are anticipated in the future.

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