Dual Camps! The reaction to Charli D’Amelio’s victory on “DWTS” was divided: “How is that fair?”

On Monday, November 21, there was a celebration with colourful confetti, beaming smiles, and audience members on their feet, but Charli D’Amelio and pro Mark Ballas’ victory on Dancing With the Stars has split viewers into two groups: those who celebrated with the TikTok star and those who believed her prior dance training gave her an unfair advantage.

‘Thanks, folks. After being crowned winner, Charli gushed, “This is all because of you. “I sincerely appreciate the chance, thank you. I’m grateful that Mark has become my new best friend.

The professional regularly brought new choreography, difficult performance intricacies, and visual spectacles to the Disney+ smash show week after week during Charli, 18, and Mark’s outstanding stint on it. Even the judges, Len Goodman, 78, Carrie Ann Inaba, 54, Bruno Tonioli, 66, and Derek Hough, 37, gave the TikTok sensation consistently positive marks despite their apparent inability to detect any flaws in her very faultless routines.

However, some DWTS supporters cling to the belief that celebrity contestants should have little to no prior dance expertise, levelling the playing field and ensuring a just winner. In the instance of Charli, the budding young star, she started dancing at the age of 3, learning ballet, tap, and hip-hop, with her previous training obviously showing in the ballroom. On social media, the two very clear camps—those cheering Charli’s victory and those discouraged by her mirrorball success—made their positions crystal clear.

So you’re okay with people who have had dance training in the past competing against people who haven’t? a Twitter user queried. “Is that fair at all?”

Another person remarked, “When you have professional dancing instruction AND 150 million followers, yeah, you’re probably going to win this competition.”

Despite the disapproval of some DWTS fans, executive producer Conrad Green claimed ahead of the season 31 debut that adding Charli to the cast ensured a younger audience and challenged the creative limits that celebrities and the professional partners are accustomed to. The risk may have paid off because Charli and Mark’s works every week were nearly perfect, if not entirely.

“Charli is incredibly talented. She has a strong foundation in dancing. Therefore, we wanted to make sure that whoever worked with her was really pushing her and being creative, and Mark is the only dancer who comes to mind who is more creative, according to Green. “Someone who has a reality show and is a YouTube star, or in Charli’s case, a TikTok star, may draw in a sizable following. You must adapt to the audience’s shifting preferences. You must be aware of where the audience travels.

Dual Camps! The reaction to Charli D’Amelio’s victory on “DWTS” was divided: “How is that fair?”

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