Bryan Cranston of ‘Your Honor’ on Season 2 premiere stunner, ‘new prospect of joy’

The final minutes of Showtime’s “Your Honor” (Sundays, 9 p.m. EST/PST), which recounted the unlawful lengths retired judge Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) went to in order to protect his adolescent son Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan) in its first season, delivered quite a shock. Fia Baxter (Lilli Kay) was pregnant at the time of Adam’s death and is now parenting their son. Michael, Adam’s bereaved father, is now a grandfather (and explains why Fia so desperately wanted a relationship with the disgraced judge).

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As the premiere concludes, Fia pauses to console a fussing infant while writing one of her monthly letters to Michael. Michael sees the arrival as a sign of hope. According to Cranston, 66.

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“Here’s a story of a man who doesn’t believe he has a life. He has nothing going for him, but there may be reason to celebrate – or at least recognise that there is a fresh potential of delight.”

In the first-season finale in February 2021, Adam was shot and killed by Eugene Jones (Benjamin Flores Jr.), who was aiming for the son of legendary New Orleans mob leader crime boss Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg).

In the debut on Sunday, fans meet a Michael who is broken by the loss of his only kid and his despicable acts to protect Adam from the penalties of killing Jimmy’s son Rocco in a hit-and-run. Michael, who is imprisoned, is thin and being force-fed a nutritional supplement. Cranston claims to have shed 15 pounds for the part. In a prisoner’s rodeo, Michael volunteers to be the target of a raging bull.

“How come you can’t just let me die in peace?” Michael asks Olivia Delmont, played by Rosie Perez, mistaking the prosecutor for a psychiatrist. (She eventually secures Michael’s release from prison so he may assist her in taking down the Baxters.)

Cranston, who enjoyed the brevity of a limited series, says he got interested in a second season in order to honestly explore themes of bereavement and despair.

Michael “doesn’t want to live,” says Cranston. “He wishes for his physical body to catch up with his emotionally and intellectually dead capacities. He feels like a corpse. He’s lost it all. He is no longer capable of containing anything.”

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Joey Hartstone, the showrunner for the series’ second season, stated in the first season, “You have a character with the strongest motivation possible, and in Season 2, we start with a character who has lost everything and has no motivation to do anything. So, at least for the Michael Desiato tale in Season 2, the real challenge was, ‘What story can we tell with this guy? ‘How can we inspire someone who has lost everything and has given up on life?’ And it became a fascinating endeavour to gradually put him back together as a human being and give him things to care about.”

‘Don’t count me out, honey,’ says Rosie Perez, who is enjoying a professional rebirth.

The advent of a grandson accomplishes this wonderfully. According to Hartstone, the new infant strains Michael’s relationship with the dangerous Baxters and terrifies Michael.

“At the end of episode one, he believes he can’t be hurt any more than he already has,” Hartstone explains. “And then seeing his gorgeous offspring may jeopardise his ability to shield himself from being damaged again.”

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