According to Ayurveda, you will eat like this

World Ayurveda day: It is very important to take a healthy and balanced diet to keep the body fit. According to Ayurveda, if you eat properly, then not only will you be protected from diseases for a long time, but the effect of aging can also be reduced to a great extent. Balance diet means that all the essential nutrients for the body should be present in proper amount in the food.

Chew the food thoroughly

The food should be chewed thoroughly. Due to this, the digestion of food happens better and faster. Along with this, the right essential nutrition present in the food is also found in the right way.

Don’t eat too many meals at once

According to ayurveda, one should always eat only a little less than hunger. Eating too much food in one go puts extra pressure on the digestive system, due to which the digestion of food is not done properly.

Do not drink water while eating

It is better if you do not drink water while eating unless you feel the need. Due to this, food can take more time to digest, as well as drinking more water while eating food can also cause digestive problems. You can drink water about 40-50 minutes before the meal and about half an hour after the meal.

Eat according to the season

Always eat food according to the season. Many problems will remain away from this only. For example, in the summer season, light and quickly digestible food should be taken. Also, liquid and cold things should be consumed more and more. In the winter season, oily, sweet, sour and body warm things should be taken, in this season one should stay away from stale food and cold things.

Eat food sitting on the ground

According to Ayurveda, the food is digested properly by sitting on the ground, due to which the essential elements of the food are completely available to the body. One should not eat while standing.

Do not sit in one place after a meal

It is good to take a short walk after having a meal, it helps in digesting the food quickly. But keep in mind that there is not much running around. Sitting or lying down after a meal causes problems in digestion. And it also increases obesity.

Have dinner on time

Food should be taken at least two to three hours before going to bed at night. Along with this, the dinner should be very light. A meal with less chili-spice and oil is perfect for a night out. Milk can also be drunk at night before sleeping.

According to Ayurveda, you will eat like this

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